Discover your Core Four™ Spiritual Team

As we navigate life, we have access to numerous teams to lean on for support: family, colleagues, friends, leaders, mentors and community.

We often focus our attention on those we can see. Those who show up in our physical environment.

In the hustle of life, we forget that we also have a spiritual team, a team unique to us.

We may not be able to see them, but they are there. We can feel them and communicate when we tune in and listen. They are
continuously sending guiding
messages, love and support.

It is our job to learn their language.

I can show you how.


From a spiritual perspective, each of us has a number of guides we
can access for support and guidance. You may be familiar with archangels, gods, goddesses, animals, loved ones to name a few.

I received a spiritual download as I was in the field at my farm, that we also have Four Core Guides that have specific expertise and areas they focus on.

For example, imagine if your life was set up like a corporate company. There are chief executive positions (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO) that are responsible for ensuring the company achieves its peak potential. Each chief is hired for their expertise and ability to
lead. The same concept applies to your Core Four™, they serve as your CSO’s (Chief Spiritual Officers) for your journey in life. They are with you because they are the best guide for you and your life’s journey.

In order to leverage their messages, guidance and wisdom it is imperative you know whom you are talking to, what their focus is and how to communicate with them.

Imagine what is possible if you have both your physical and spiritual team working with and for you!

Your Core Four® Experience starts with understanding the Core Four Guides

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