About Magic

What is Magic?

It’s those moments when things just line up and it feels easy and in flow. The magical moments that have you stop and smile to yourself because it feels unbelievable and yet it happened.

Moments like those “chance” meetings, coincidences, synchronicity, and opportunities that seem to drop in your lap.

Magic is a feeling of deep connection with yourself, nature and our universe. Life is continuously offering us signs and messages and our job is to learn how to notice, listen and draw them in.

Kim Standeven leads her life aligned with magic to create a place for us to slow down, be present, draw in magical messages and learn to be in the flow of life.

The universe is continually trying to get your attention and support you. All you have to do is pause and listen. This is magic!

About Kim Standeven…

I am on a journey just like you are. I am human and I experience many swings of joy and despair. What has kept me grounded and resilient is my connection to magic. This blanket of spiritual support has served me since childhood and is why I am pulled and pushed by higher forces to support you in your journey.

I call myself a spiritual seeker, mentor, messenger and interpreter because I do not pretend to know all the answers. I don’t, I practice being open and present to what is being offered for my own growth and for yours.

My gift is the ability to filter out all of the noise and access energetic messages from our universe. I walk with you on this exploration and create a safe container for you to receive exactly what you need. I am not interested in being a guru or telling you what to do or be. My interest and priority is being with you fully in your journey so you feel supported and seen. xo

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