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From Frantic to Flow: A 90-Second Monthly Reset (Audio mp3)

Starting April 4, 2021, you will receive a monthly audio that will help you tune out the distractions and tune into your magical messages so you don’t waste time and energy in confusion, doubt and second-guessing yourself.

What is Magic?

Magic is a feeling of deep connection with yourself, nature, the universe and our spiritual team which I call your Core Four®.

Life is continuously offering us signs and messages and our job is to learn how to notice, listen and draw them in. I can show you how to Draw in the Magic with your Core Four®.

This key symbolizes the way to unlock and open yourself up to experiencing more magical moments in your life. I created the key to remind you that you hold limitless power to access everything you need and your Core Four® Spiritual team wants to support you.

Work with me

Life can feel really hard! We can feel isolated and alone, afraid and unsure, disconnected and depleted. We are human. We are imperfect and life throws much in our way to navigate. This is where I can help so with each step on your path you receive guidance and validation to remind you that you are never alone and you are on track.

I help spiritual seekers (YOU) tune into the magical messages and spiritual support (Your Core Four ®) so that you feel open, supported, connected, energized, confident and resilient with all that life brings.

Personal Power Program

You were born with a unique essence which has been covered up by rules, expectations and fear. This program helps you remember who you are. Come home to yourself and give voice to Core Essence.

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Your Core Four® Experience

Discover who makes up your Core Four® Spiritual team and how you can activate their support even more! Yes, you have a unique spiritual team with four CSO’s (Chief Spiritual Officers) helping to guide you on your path. You will discover who they are and how to work with them to up-level your life.

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Draw in the Magic Card Deck – Pick a card to receive a magical question


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